Dental Cleaning

Due to high demand we are taking dental consult appointments for 3 to 6 weeks out and offering the procedure 2-3 months after the consult. We are working on catching up and hope to reduce wait time for all new clients. Thanks for your understanding

We offer professional Dental and oral health services. Our dental cleaning package is $400. It includes comprehensive bloodwork, anesthesia, dental x-rays, dental scaling, diagnostic probing and polishing. 

We offer a risk-free complimentary dental consult exam. During this exam, we evaluate your pet's health and oral cavity. We can then discuss risks and benefits of dental cleaning procedure. We can also provide you with an estimate in case dental extractions or other procedures are needed. 

Dental extractions are charged based on time. We charge a maximum of $900 for up to 3 hours of dental procedures. We can discuss possible extra charges and answer all of your questions at the time of the initial consult. 

Call us or see contact information below to set up your pet's dental consult appointment today. 

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