Pet Wellness Program


We offer Technician appointments for pets we have seen within the previous year. These visits can be utilized for healthy pets that need a short visit for vaccines, anal gland expression, suture removal, etc. There won't be a charge for the visit, only the services and products that are provided will be charged. These visits are typically performed by our trusted and trained veterinary assistants. Occasionally Dr. AJ may provide this service as well. 

If we find any abnormalities that require medical attention, we will notify you immediately. If this is not an urgent problem, we will schedule your pet for a regular visit. At that time we will discuss diagnostics and/or treatments necessary to further help your pet. If we find an urgent issue, we will do our best to address it during their visit, but the office visit charge will not be waived. We will not charge you an office visit without your knowledge. 

This Program is for our "current" patients. We require our patients to have at least one charged office visit a year to be "current".  

Please contact us for more information regarding our Wellness Clinic Program at Happy Tails Animal Hospital. 

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